Thursday, September 23, 2010

My bags are unpacked.

Shirts hanging in the closet, books stacked high, toiletries neatly laid out in the bathroom.
Yes, my bags are unpacked.
This is a 7-night stay with Host Families and it is wonderful.
I am finding joy in being in one spot for this length of time, a rarity in tour life.

I am blessed tonight.
I have a bed.
Warmth and shelter.
Tap running with clean water.
Washer and dryer cleaning my and the girls clothes for me.
Hospitality from strangers.
Good books.

There are many though who don't have these things tonight.

I feel spoiled tonight.
There is nothing that I can physically for those without tonight, but I can PRAY.
Because prayer changes things.
Tonight I will sleep in the assurance that the ONE who holds all things in His hands holds those that I cannot.


  1. love your heart so much, friend.
    praying for you.

  2. seriously, how much we take for granted the little things! that so many people don't have! I heard about the shooting at UT today and got really aware really fast that my life is way sweet.