Saturday, January 22, 2011

The best cake baked in a mug ever.

Thanks to this wonderful and dear friend ( I am the proud new owner of this wonderful cookbook!

101 Recipes for Microwave Mug Cakes

Please note there was no confusion this time about the size of a pinch of salt, for those of you who were wondering ;)

Step One: choose one of the 101 recipes...Bakes Apple Vanilla is the winner this time
Step Two: mix ingredients together and pour into your favorite mug
Step Three: microwave. and for my friends who don't like microwaves don't worry I didn't stare inside too long.
Step Four: finished product. i'll make one for you if you want, there are 100 more recipes to try!

Below are some of the reasons the book gives as to why MMC (Microwave Mug Cakes) are so wonderful. Don't even worry that there is specific lingo, like MMC, for this new field of baking.
  1. When you want a snack
  2. When you deserve a reward
  3. When everyone wants a different flavor
  4. When you want something homemade
  5. When it's too hot to turn on the oven
  6. When it's too cold to go out and buy something
  7. When a whole cake is too much
  8. When you're trying to impress someone
  9. When you have a late night
  10. When you want to make somebody feel special
  11. When you need a lift
  12. On Monday morning
  13. When someone drops by unexpectedly and you need something to serve
  14. When you want to cheer someone up
  15. When you want to say "well done"
  16. When you want to say "thank you"
  17. When you want to say "I'm sorry"
And there are probably a hundred more reasons why MMC are so wonderful :)


  1. That's super fantastic. Makes me think of your cake in a cone :)

  2. makes me worried.....please tell me you atleast ran out of the room when "cooking" (read cancering!) this cake!

  3. score!! I wish I was there to make cakes with you. we would clarify what a "pinch" of salt is and use real cocoa powder instead of hot cocoa powder, and then at least take lots of pics and videos if Higgins wasn't there to sample/insult our cooking. I'm so glad you foto-ed this little adventure :) I miss you so much!! love you!

  4. and p.s. I really like #8. PLEASE impress someone with a microwave cake someday. :)