Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's not easy being a farmer.

I never thought I would be a farmer but I seem to be one. Of sorts. Recently this imagery of farming has shown up quite a bit in my life. I am realizing that there are lots of similarities between farming and my life.

First, there are seasons. Farming is built on seasons and the weather. Without them nothing of value lasts. In my own life I am in one of the more difficult seasons. One where waiting and patience need to be at the forefront. There is growth right now but it is slow and not always easy (and not always visible). It takes trust. Just as a farmer waits in this season for his crops to be ready, if he harvests too soon all will be lost. So in this season of my life I am trusting and waiting until He calls me to the next season. It is hard. Other "farmers" are harvesting and yet still I wait. I look at their harvest longingly and remind myself that it is not my time to harvest yet. But is this is the season Christ desires me in this is where I will stay because patience yields endurance which yields character. I am finding that this season is one where I walk alone the majority of the time. I don't know why, perhaps He is trying to teach me more things. He is giving me a heart of reliance on Him, still it is hard when you have a sensitive heart.

Second, just as a farmer tends to the soil all year I will tend to mine. The soil is where nutrients and life are pulled from. It is here in my life that I will focus making sure that my soil is rich in the nutrients of truth and character and perseverance. And into that soil of my heart I will only allow truth to grow. All weeds and distractions, things that pull me away from reaping a full harvest I will pull out and remove. This is also not easy.

All of these things take hard work. How I wish some of the seasons were easier. I wish that all could be full of harvest and that we would never have to go through times of drought or loss. That is not the case though. I will continue to wait. I know that some days are going to be difficult (I have had some of these already) and I know some days will be full of joy. I trust though that God is developing and readying me for the next season.

I have a new respect for farmers.
Lord, make me into a better farmer.

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