Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This weekend we had gorgeous weather here in West Michigan.  It was celebrated by lots of time spent outside.  

 ^At Robinettes, I love this place.
 ^I wonder how many coats of paint are on here?
 ^God's handiwork

ArtPrize...Amy you would love this event.

^This gentleman burned the wood with a magnifying glass.  I'm pretty sure he hails from Florida or Texas for this type of art.
^Rules, rules...
^Single sheets of paper cut with an exacto knife.  
^Sister in front of the "paper trees."
^I really like all the colors.
^The artist painted all of these on a "spinning" easel.  
 ^Um, okay? Projector with a glass of water on it?  It is even for sale.
 ^Lego man
 ^Entirely made from duct tape.
 ^Don't you just LOVE the reflection of the trees in the windows.  love.
 ^The winner of ArtPrize.  The artist won $250,000.
 ^A close up of some of the tiles of the winning piece.  
 ^Monkeys on the bridge =0)

Rosy Mound

 ^Fall colors.
^I can't get enough.
^A lovely walk with Hilary.

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  1. that looks awesome!! I wish I could go with you! you and your sis both look fabulosa :o)