Monday, October 8, 2012

Life in the -ing

The changing of seasons always spurs me on to processing life. It causes me to slow. While taking a walk the other day I noticed all the vibrant colors. (Seriously so beautiful, I love how Christ draws us to Himself through the beauty of His creation.) One of the trees I noticed had some leaves that had turned to a shocking yellow. Looking a bit more though I noticed that some of it's leaves were still green. Just as the tree hadn't fully changed, I was reminded that He is always working, always changing us.

Perhaps it's because I am a planner and list maker, but I tend to want to live in the finish of something. To have something completed gives me a sense of accomplishment. Looking at the tree though, I was reminded that I need to live in the -ing. God is inviting me to live in the moment because He is in every moment.

He invites us each to a place of growing, pruning, delighting, working, resting and worshiping. I don't have to wait until a specified time, because I have the now.

At work we have been talking about being in and with Christ. It begs me to ask myself, "Am I being in and with Christ?" Are my roots grounded deep in Him? In His truth? Because if I'm not grounded in Him I have no chance of growing.

This journey is full of beauty. It's full of living, creating and adventuring. Yes, there are the times of hurting and wondering, and Christ will meet us there too. No matter what season Christ has me in, whether it is one of waiting or moving forward, it's for a reason and He is good.

I'm finding joy and beauty in the -ing of life. I'm finding that His processing, creating and refining are good. And I hope that if I ever get to the point where I think I have "mastered" or "completed" something, I pray that I will remember that I am the created. Always a work in progress. Living in the midst of God's hand at work is good, so good.

So here's to finding a full life in the -ing.

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  1. Living in the -ing is perfect. I think of you and our chats and the times you we would talk about being. Another "ing" word. Just to be. Thank you for this. Inspired me more. Love you.