Thursday, August 20, 2009

Off to the airport...

The kids are arriving today! The last few days have been full of training and learning so much. The team has also been able to spend some time bonding while exploring Vancouver. We left yesterday to come back to Washington to stay at Camp Brotherhood. Unfortunately there have been some issues with the Canadians visas and our Canadian team members could not come to the States with us. We are praying that they will come through quickly! They won’t be able to meet the kids at the airport so that is disappointing. But God is in control and in His timing all things will work out, but we would appreciate your prayers.

Once we arrived in the States we began preparing all the kids bags with clothing and toiletry items as well as prepping the rooms where we will be staying for the next week. Our first concert is on the 25th and so we will continue to prep for that.

Today we are off to the airport to pick up the kids from the airport and meet our African Chaperones! I can’t wait; it is really exciting!!! Finally, it is time for what we have been preparing for, to be an auntie.

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  1. that's exciting! i'm glad for them that they'll get the chance to know you and that you'll be wonderful to them :o) miss you so much! it feels so incredibly weird to not have you around, especially since all of the freshies are moving in tomorrow. i'll think of you as i put up lofts! love ya!