Friday, March 5, 2010

Where Dreams Come True

Take 23 children from Kenya and Uganda and put them into a land that they could never comprehend before and see what happens. On Tuesday we went as a Choir to Disneyland! The kids has no idea what Disney was and when we tried to explain it we got a lot of big eyes and bland faces. =)

We had so much fun though! First walking into the park we heard over and over "Is it true? Is it true?" I loved how much the kids soaked everything in. We went on nearly every ride. At first some of them were nervous about the rides but afterward huge smiles plastered on their faces. None of the kids wanted to take a break for bathrooms or food because there were more rides to ride (Note: their good Aunties and Uncles insisted they do this though)

We all had a great day and I loved being able to spend a whole day just playing and laughing and having fun together. They also LOVED meeting the princesses! All of the kids (even the boys) have been talking about them for such a long time.


  1. that's pretty fantastic... I want to meet the princesses! I can't wait to see your face in less than a month!!

  2. that picture... the first one... it is... special.. leave it to me to make a nice picture FUNNY!