Saturday, February 27, 2010

I have been quite inconsistent in my blogging. Busyness I suppose gets in the way. This month has been quite "normal" if you could call it that. We have been busy with concerts and just the other night we reached concert #100!!!! It will be even more crazy when we reach #200, oh man.

Chaperones began taking their holidays this month. We each get a two-week break, one after the other. I realize how vital each member of the team is. When one is gone you feel the absence of who they are on the team. I appreciate each person and the knowledge, laughter, and experience they bring. My holiday begins on March 30 and ends April 12. I am quite excited for a bit of a break and to catch up with friends and family. One thing I plan to do is to sleep in without setting my alarm clock. It has been 6 months since I did not need to set my alarm clock. I'm also really excited to go to sushi with friends and have coffee at Panera together. I'm looking forward to being at home, where it is comfortable and known. And, it will be nice to drive my car again =)

At the same time I will miss the kids and chaperones. They have become a second family and I know I will miss them.

Lately I have been reading/thinking/contemplating the cost. Reading about the cost of being a disciple in the Word and reading Irristable Revolution I have been challenged to rethink and relive this lifestyle. We are called to do greater things than Christ did with a love that comes only from Him. I am called to love and care for the orpahns and the widows, am I? Am I abandoning my desires and my needs so that others can live? I can't ignore those who have nothing, who have not felt the hands of Christ. That is my call. To be the love of Christ.

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