Monday, April 26, 2010


I just got done reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. It has provoked a lot of thoughts in my heart and mind. Life is starting to look a bit different now though as I begin to look at it like a story with a series of memorable scenes as Miller calls them. Never have I viewed life like this before. My picture of things has been in events and accomplishments but it is slowly starting to view things as scenes. Tonight for instance was the perfect example. I was sitting with my host family and their daughter who is close to my age. We sat around the dinner table for over an hour talking about travels, cultures, ACC, adventures and I realized that I will always have this scene and it was beautiful to me. Perhaps it is being more aware of the beauty in things that are near.

Miller also talks about writing his story and making sure that when he sees Jesus face to face that he will have a worthwhile story to tell. Can you imagine if we all made decisions, even the smallest ones, in light of this? What story am I pursuing? Hearing this makes me realize how desperately I want to have an exciting story, one that Jesus would smile at. It doesn't mean that it will be free from hardship or failure, but I really wouldn't want it to be either. So, my aim will be to live a story that Jesus would be proud of. One that searches for adventure and purpose, that knows no bounds.

I am reminded of my time kayaking a couple years ago. It was dusk and the sun was just beginning to set. Praying and asking God what was next I noticed the moon. It was beautiful and full and then I heard, "Don't miss my sunset waiting to see what the moon will reveal." I don't want to be so focused on what is ahead that I miss where I am at now. Right here, this is where I belong.

It is my choice to create the scenes and live the story.

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  1. a scene, part of a script which I have a role in... totally makes sense. I love that all we have to do is (choose) to follow the script and somehow we'll end up having the time of our lives. :) Day at a time. It's funny how refreshing that is.... Thanks for Sharing, Leash. :) Love you