Friday, May 14, 2010

May Days

Here is a picture diary of our last couple of weeks. It has been a busy couple of weeks and quite wonderful at the same time. We have had many new and unforgettable experiences, the first being performing with Michael W. Smith!

[MWS photos courtesy of Uncle Vic]

Some dress up time, our girls' best!
Host family bowling, (above) Ivy: "Which ball is nicest to me?"
Poor Faith hurt her arm, she is so bummed but doing great learning how to do things with her other arm, she is on a quick road to recovery.
Day off at the lake, this one below is for Tony (haha)
Outing for Ice Cream!
They love to share =)
Black licorice ice cream, yummy???
That is it, for now at least.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the dress up pics, and the licorice ice cream pic... hmm.

    And I will never quite get over the irony of the choir singing with Michael. SO FUNNY. Ah man! It brings such joy to my heart :)

    Love you! And your fabulous fotos!