Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Peace!

My last two birthdays were spent on a bus.  The first was in Seattle, it was a travel day if I remember right.  We arrived to the church after having the mornings with our host families.  The team sat me in a chair and the chaperones and kids sang a beautiful version of Happy Birthday to me.  I think back to that day and remember thinking that I knew everyone so well.  I had been with them for about 2 weeks but it felt like 2 years.

The second birthday was in Haines, Alaska.  It was beautiful.  By this time on tour, after knowing everyone for a true year, we realized that it was Peace's birthday as well.  She is my birthday twin, a few years younger and from a different continent, but my birthday twin all the same.

Today I am missing her especially as I think back to my last birthday.  We stayed at the same host family and so I was able to wake her up with a happy birthday and a hug!!!  We then walked to the church (the town was pretty small and quaint) and Peace and I were greeted downstairs to a tunnel of our family singing Happy Birthday and dancing.  There was a lot of joy and laughter.  I felt loved and cared about.  Mel gave me a beautiful cake that she made and Stacy was so kind as to schedule my day off for me that day!!!!  Mel, Amy, and I then set out to explore Haines.

We found a coffee shop first off and then walked and walked some more.  The ocean was gorgeous and then we stumbled upon a great local cafe/grocery store.  We had a good lunch sitting among lots of hippies and fishermen.  After going back to the church we picked up Chelsea and wandered some more and took some photos.  It was a lovely day.  One that I will always remember.

I changed a lot from my first birthday on tour to my second.  I learned how to see life through my beautiful childrens' eyes.  I learned a lot about patience and unconditional love.  And now here I am another year older.  Lessons have been learned in this season.  Some painful, some beautiful, all good.  I don't know what God has planned for this next season of my life, but I am trusting Him no matter what.  For His timing is perfect.

My heart aches today for Peace.  I want to be with her to celebrate her turning another year older, but I can only wish her a Happy Birthday from afar.  This is my birthday prayer for her.

Lord, I ask that you would overflow blessings to Peace as she turns another year older.  May her character deepen, her love increase, and her devotion to you grow deep roots.  As she grows into a young lady guide her footsteps.  May she know that she is beautiful and special and unique.  I pray that she will feel valued and esteemed today.  And most of all Lord may she know that she is loved.

I love you Peace.  Happy Birthday sweet girl.  


  1. I love this. Thanks, Leash. Happy birthday to you and our dear Peacie :)

  2. Made me cry. Love you Auntie Alesha and Peace.