Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One Year

A year ago today I stood in the corner of an airport dreading the moment that was coming when I would have to say goodbye to the kids and chaperones.  After getting a few last hugs the kids headed towards their gate.  Then the kids stepped onto the escalator and my heart sunk.  All I could think was, "now what?"  As I stood there with a few of the other aunties none of us knew what to do.  So we cried.  Then we headed to the empty and quiet bus, grabbed our suitcases, stepped off, and watched as our home drove away.

I often think back to tour.  How could I not?  Every day I think of my kids, my fellow chaperones, or the life I had for 15 months.

Things I miss:

the children, living life with them, watching them grow

the chaperones, the community and family that we became

tour life, the adventure of trusting for your daily needs and being grateful for everything whether you sleep on the floor or in a bed

starbucks, not being able to get to it makes it so much more rewarding when you do

the children

exploring this beautiful continent

the children

being forced to grow, you have no choice.



There are some days that I can hardly take it.  I miss them.  My heart aches for them.  Part of me hopes they don't forget, that they don't forget the lessons and experiences from tour, and that they don't forget me.

I will always think back to this day.  It is a day that is cemented in my heart.  Not just this day though, the 15 months leading up to it.  So forgive me if I talk about my kids or about my experiences on tour too much.  But I want to share what I experienced, I want to tell you about 23 beautiful children who love the Lord and are doing great things, I want to tell you about the chaperones that became my family, I want to tell you about the host families I had and the places I saw.

I look forward to the day when I can see them again, but this time in Africa!!!


  1. Ah, Leash. I wish we could be sharing this day together. Miss you so much.

  2. you never talk about them too much. I love hearing your stories... it makes me wish I had been on tour with you!