Sunday, May 30, 2010

Village 3

Welcome to my home.

Her name is Village 3 (so I'm not actually sure if I would refer to the bus as a she but if it was a ship it would be a she so why not. A bus is really just a ship with wheels right?!?!)

This is my beautiful front door.

First stop, my bedroom: complete with pillow and blanket. I have become quite well acquainted with this seat and it has been a faithful friend.

Extensive art gallery: drawn by Faith and I on one of our longer bus rides. I am partial to it; it may even compare to the Mona Lisa.
Powder Room: where hair is fixed before each concert.
My closet: don't be alarmed. I share it with 8 other people. Sometimes we even get our clothes confused and we end up changing twice.
Transportable dresser: holds everything from toiletries to slippers to books and movies. Bonus to this model of dresser is that it can go anywhere! If you need to move, it moves with you.
Living Room: a nice spot to get away from it all or visit with someone or even make a phone call home.
The "Bay" Window: gives a great view of the world outside.
Library: full of books, while most of them are children's books there are a few wonderful classics for all ages like Anne of Green Gables and The Chronicles of Narnia.
Pantry: midday snack? Craving? You can most likely find the cure in this little box, it's pretty wonderful.

Office: where much work happens. A place of great inspiration and where great ideas are born. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

Ah, and now for one of the best parts...a few of my busmates:

Mel: sitting in her bedroom talking on the phone to a dear friend. I love listening to her on the phone because she gets so excited!
Tony: doing "office work" a.k.a bonding with his itouch.
Amy: catching up on a few winks. And please note she crocheted this beautiful blanket herself! (and she is willing to sell it to the highest bidder)
And finally: the view from home tonight. Tomorrow it will be different. A different place, a different view...yet still beautiful.


  1. This was a fun post. :) I almost want to go back and read it again... oh wait... I will. :)

  2. Love it and may very well copy something like it on my blog!!!

  3. LOVE this... oh, home sweet home :) maybe one day you will be able to stop downsizing!