Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Time flies...

I thought that I had just posted here a few days ago and then I realized that it has been two weeks! Time on the road is a concept all it's own. An hour feels like a day, a day like a week, a week like a month...not that times drags, because it doesn't. I think about all that is accomplished in one day and sometimes it surprises me how much we get done as a team. We grow, learn, are challenged, laugh, and sometimes cry. And this is life and I love it.

Right now I am sitting at starbucks enjoying free wi-fi and a vanilla rooibus tea latte. It's pretty wonderful that our church is located so closely. I have been to this same place a few times now which is pretty incredible because it's very rare that I frequent the same place more than once.

I'm sitting here thinking about perspective. Our perspective changes everything. I have a different view of life than the biker sitting at the table next to me who just probably rode about 5 miles as observed from his spandex and sweat, haha. Or my perspective is different compared to the two business people frantically scribbling notes and talking quite passionately. Each one of us see things differently because we are shaped by our surroundings and experiences.

The experiences that I live today prepare me for tomorrow.

So God what are you teaching me today? How are you preparing me for tomorrow?

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  1. a coffeeshop is like sunshine after days of clouds...always refreshing, always wonderful! :)