Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The last 9 days have been spent at "camp," which really means a lodge at the base of the mountains near Hope, British Columbia. It is actually really in Sunshine Valley (a village of about 165 people). Our time spent at camp has involved lots of playtime and sleeping/resting. I have loved being in the same bed for more than two nights and being able to spend a lot of time with all the children and other chaperones. Being together all the time as a family unit has been refreshing and renews my passion.

Our house here is surrounded by lots of trees and rivers. The children and I have spent many hours at the river, enjoying being surrounded by God's creation. I find that taking the time to slow down has been quite refreshing. I am thankful for this time of retreat and for the time to appreciate all that God has done for me and for the choir. And I must say that I have loved being able to go on walks! Whether alone or with Chelsea (my trusted walking friend) I am hearing God's voice. He is continually pouring into me and encouraging me. Words and thoughts such as these are what God is laying on my heart: resolve, excellence, character, forgiveness, potter and His clay, and a few others. I am not quite sure yet how they all fit together, but I think that God is teaching me a pretty big lesson. I have the resolve to live each day as best as I should no matter my circumstances, to live serving others with excellence, to instill character into the children and myself, to learn how to accept and give forgiveness freely, to know that I am the clay and my Father is the Potter and I am being shaped for His purpose, refined and put through the fire in the process.

This time at camp has been more than just campfire songs and games, it has been a time of renewal, a time of quietness, (even with African drums waking me each morning), a time of development. I have a couple more days here at camp before tour and concerts starts back up and I am praying that I make the most of it. I will take the time to be and to pour into the children by teaching them about life and the things of God. They are precious souls and I have the honor of pouring into them.

Please pray with me as I have conversations with the children, as I spend time with them, that the words that are spoken would be life changing. God's words and His truth will do nothing else than change us; so may these be the words that are spoken. May my lips drip with words that are sweet perfume to the Lord.

p.s. Here are a few pictures of our time at camp over the last few days: old train tunnels, parks, and laundry washing =)

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