Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ode to fall.

Tonight something strange happened. One of my girls said, "Auntie, I hope that it is cold tomorrow." I was shocked and just stared at her. Here before me is Ritah and if you knew Ritah you would know that she HATES the cold. It could be 58 degrees outside and she will have a winter coat and hat on.

Exhibit A:

I decided though that she is in love with fall. Now this may be my own bias entering the picture, but I am pretty confident about my conclusion. The crisp air, changing leaves, vibrant colors, and apple cider, how could these things not overtake her? Deborah also commented on the ride home tonight that her favorite season is fall.

My only sadness in this for them is when they go home there is no fall. So I have decided that I will make this fall the most memorable time for them. I am hoping that the colorful leaves will hold onto their branches an extra week or two, that host families will feel the need for the children and I to carve pumpkins and then make pumpkin pie, that Jesus would turn our apple juice to apple cider, and that the children will understand the importance of change.

We are moving east. Currently we are in Wisconsin and in two days we will be in Indiana and then two days later we will be in New York. I am confident that we will follow fall and enjoy autumn in New York.


  1. that's really exciting! fall is wonderful. I'm glad they get to experience it with you!

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  3. Awww, you are such a good "Mamma!" Go, make it the best fall for them :)

  4. yes! I'm all about it. The celebration began in Ketchikan with pumpkin everything... let it continue! And think of all the wonderful fall things we can do in Canandaigua on the LAKE! :) I love fall....