Sunday, October 17, 2010

When 2 Choirs Collide!

Yesterday was quite the day! By the end of it I was emotionally exhausted from all the excitement of the day. My family came to see our concert in Goshen, Indiana and I was able to stay with them for the night. It was so fun and I loved having them experience a bit of Choir 35. It has been months since I saw a few of them and I loved catching up, it gives me some excitement for after tour and being able to spend some more time with them. I was sad to see them go, but I know that I will see them in a couple of months.

Parents, sister, and cousin :)

After leaving Goshen, I was in a half sleep on our bus ride when Naomi, sitting next to me, exclaimed, "Look!!!! AN AFRICAN CHILDREN"S CHOIR BUS!!!!!!" I sat up and to my amazement there was Choir 37 on the same overpass as us! The kids started yelling and were so happy (as were the chaperones). So along a random rode in Ohio our two buses followed each other looking for a place to park. And when we did and the doors opened one would hardly believe the happiness that followed. There were lots of hugs and a few joyful tears.

An "ACC bus sandwich" as the children liked to call it.

Yesterday I was blessed with seeing familiar and new faces. Choir 37's children are so small compared to ours and it brought me back 14 months ago when our beautiful children came to North America. I am reminded how much our children have grown and changed and learned, as have I.

Saying goodbye to Choir 37 was bittersweet. I am excited to witness the adventure that they are embarking on, but I was so sad to leave dear friends. The miles grow between us, but I am excited for the next (hopefully) reunion, because when 2 Choirs collide wonderful things happen.

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  1. aw, that is SO cool :) I can't imagine how excited they were. and I'm so glad you got to see your fam!

    miss you TONS!!