Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have been thinking a lot lately on growing and changing. Perhaps it is the changing seasons and I am reminded how change is always happening, even when I am unaware. I know I am changing on tour. Each and every day God shows me His truth perhaps subtly, perhaps loudly, but each day I am presented with the truth of the Father. That is when my response is necessary though.

Will I choose to grow?

If I choose to ignore I will die.

Death is the opposite of growth. We are either growing or not. This is a harsh reality. God invites us to partake in this adventure, to live a vibrant life, to know HIM. Yes, many times I miss the mark, I make decisions based on human decision but God opens His fatherly arms and welcomes me home. That is where I will change and grow, in His arms, in His presence.

Oh if I could live every day waking with the expectancy of learning truth and sharing truth with others. Growth is a beautiful thing.

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