Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Well hello Uncle Gym.

A couple of days ago, Village 2 pulled into the parking lot of Northwest Christian University. We were all so excited to be together for a couple of days! We were hosted by Uncle Gym. So, for two days we ate in the cafeteria and slept in the Gym, well Uncle Gym that is. All 31 of us, boys on one side, girls on the other, slept on yoga mats covered by sleeping bags.

Being on a college campus made me ache a bit for college life. Walking to class. Sitting at a coffee shop doing homework.

My day off was spent with Amy and Chelsea sitting at a coffee shop talking about life, journaling about things that have been on our hearts. It was so great and refreshing. We then ventured to figure out the public transit system in Eugene, and while we made it to where we needed to go I think we had to ask oh about 10 people for directions. =)

Our last night was spent enjoying "specials" and popsicles. I'm reminded at those moments, when laughter is bubbling over and smiles are pasted on the faces of the children around me, that we are the church and that God finds us as pleasing to Him living out the joy that comes from knowing Him and living in that assurance.

Oh, and Uncle Gym gave us an amazing Host Family Evaluation!

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  1. Very nice... I feel like Ashley will approve of the Uncle Gym punnyness.

    And I am glad the red cups are back at Starbucks! I had one myself this morning. Coffeeshop moments are the best!

    Next time you sleep on a gym floor, humor me and do it at Evangel. okay? okay. (: