Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reflections from a coffee shop.

This day off found me at Starbucks, reading and reflecting on life.
I was thinking about things and the ways that God is changing me. He is teaching me so much about others and myself. He is showing me how to just sit and be in His presence. This is a practice that I hardly ever do, partly because I don't have the discipline to do it or because I am afraid if I sat for a few moments I would fall asleep. =)

So today I sat. I thought. I wrote. And I felt renewed.
Sitting and listening always surprises me. Things seem to become clear as I allow myself to slow down and ask God to speak. His wisdom is beyond anything I could imagine.

On the wall at Starbucks this was written and somehow it fit what I was feeling:

Vacation day, fall leaves, playing hooky, the first page of a book, a moment alone, a gathering with friends, a cup, a sip, a sigh.
Does it taste like berries?
Does it taste like chocolate?
Does it taste like wood?
Does it taste like cinnamon?
-She questioned.
It tastes like home.
-He replied.
What do you do when you are here?
Linger, sip, daydream, talk, meet, sit, talk, think, work,

I will continue to practice the discipline of BEing.
Of sitting in His presence and becoming more like Him.

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  1. What I would give for a day off like that... it sounds wonderful! Currently I'm sitting in the library wondering how on earth I'm going to finish this paper in the next 3 hours, before dress rehearsal for a choir concert. It doesn't help that I stayed up all night working on it and only took the briefest of naps today :)

    Someday we'll have to sit in a coffeeshop and just BE together :) I miss you muchly. Isn't it nice to know that God never stops working on us? Love you!!