Saturday, November 28, 2009

This last week has been amazing. Not perfect, many times stressful, but still amazing. This Thanksgiving was spent differently than previous ones. Instead of being with my family in chilly Michigan (which I missed), I spent the day playing, laughing, and eating way too much with the kids and chaperones. Choir 35 has been so blessed to be all together for this last week and I have loved it!

On Wednesday, we recorded "All You Need Is Love" at Capitol Records in L.A. for Playing for Change/Product (RED). The recording process was so great, we all loved it!

Thanksgiving was spent by sleeping in, eating a big breakfast, playing at the park in nice sunny weather, and feasting on an amazing Thanksgiving dinner! When I think about all that I am thankful for it really overwhelms me. God has truly blessed me with amazing friends and family and allowing me to be an Auntie. This time in my life is like nothing I have ever done. I will never be in this place again but I am grateful that I get to live each moment where I am at right now. This moment, this Thanksgiving was laid out since the beginning of time...

Earlier this week in Santa Barbara we took the kids to the ocean!!! They LOVE swimming and they did not want to leave, it was great! Everyone was drenched in salt water and covered with sand, but it was worth it.

That was our week, busy but lovely.

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