Monday, December 13, 2010

{one week}

one week ago i said goodbye to Choir 35. i have begun the transition into a stationary and different life. for some reason I couldn't envision life after tour, I thought it would end. but it hasn't. life still goes on. relationships grow in different ways with different people, but there is still growth. i actually haven't made it home yet. i spent a few days in D.C. with the aunties and am now in Georgia with my best friend catching up after 18 months. tomorrow I fly home.

there are things I miss.
laughing with the kids and chaperones
living on a bus
holding the hand of a precious child
being called auntie

i realize these are all relational things. relationships change.

and i am learning that is beautiful. because where there is change there is potential and potential has the ability to bear fruit. that is the point of life to bear fruit. Christ calls us to bear good and lasting fruit. yes i will miss the kind of relationships that i had with these children and chaperones, but i know that God is placing us each in a place where we can bear more good and lasting fruit. He is placing us specifically for a purpose. relationships change, but it is good.

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