Friday, November 19, 2010

Quite the day.

15 months exactly. (Happy anniversary Choir 35!)

Last show of tour.

Two milestones that are colliding at one time: today.

This journey has taken so many different turns and directions. It has been incredible. The last couple weeks spent with the kids will be memorable. I want to soak in every moment, make every hug last a few seconds longer, say I love you just a few more times. I love them deeply.

I wonder what these last 15 months have prepared me for, what they have prepared the kids for. There are things that are in their hearts for eternity. I have so many hopes and dreams for these dear children.

For Naomi,
I pray she will grow into a powerful woman of God who spreads His hope with passion and conviction.

For Derrick,
I hope he will realize the strength of his character and his forgiving spirit that enables him to change lives.

For Deborah,
I pray she will continue to laugh deeply. That joy would well up within her and the light would come from the joy of her salvation.

For Brian,
I hope he will bring change with his quiet yet strong voice.

And the list goes on and on for all 23 children. Only God knows the paths they will choose. My deepest desire is that they would serve Him all the days of their lives, glorifying the One who gives them life. I've become so attached to their beautiful hearts. This must be how a parent feels. This immense amount of hope that your child will be blessed, cared for, protected, known, loved. If only I could stay with them forever (how blessed I would be) but it's not about me, it is about these children. It is about them returning home and changing Africa for His glory. They are children of the Most High and they will walk in the shadow of His wings.

When I think of these children my mind and heart race and dream about the other children out there that need His hope. The children that haven't heard yet that they have a Father that loves them. James 1:27 resounds in my heart: "Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you." Somewhere, somehow I will care for the ones in distress, for the ones that need an outreached hand. Tour is ending, yet I have a feeling there are exciting things ahead. There are lives that need to be touched and healed. I wish with all that I am that I didn't have to say goodbye to James, Reagan, Naomi, Esther, Grace, Deborah, Charity, Alex, John, Rogers, Ritah, Ruth, Faith, Derrick, Benson, Peace, Brenda, Ivy, Eunice, Jonah, Brian, Stella, and Priscillah, but I know it is almost time.


  1. ah, leash...somehow your posts almost always make me tear up now! I can only imagine what you're feeling!

  2. [ALMOST] make you cry, amy?!?! i'm a mess over here! leash, this is beautiful. you and your kids and your heart and your life of following the's beautiful. you inspire me to love deeply, to fight hard for the moments that define us. i love you, friend. and i am praying for you SO much as you finish up. CANNOT WAIT to see you face and hug your neck.

  3. It's not about me, It's about what God will do with them and how He's used me in their life. Dear Lord, Give us the strength to let go with both of our hands and fall hard into your ever trusting arms. Help us let go of the Children and also let them live out their faith and leap into your arms.
    Thank you friend for sharing these beautiful thoughts. I am so grateful I've been on this adventure with you. Our children are beautiful and most of all, they are His.