Sunday, November 21, 2010

{a beautiful sunday}

Highlights from today:
  • Going to church and worshipping with the kids. Faith stood next to me and as we lifted our hands we sang "because You're with me, I will not fear" and my heart soared. Wherever we are, whether in Africa or the U.S., we have nothing to fear because He is with us.
  • Talking with Naomi on the bus heading back to the house about the end of tour. Really I have no better way to put it than her own words: "Auntie, this is hard. I don't know how to change because I've never had to do this before."
  • Sunday afternoon nap :0)
  • Playing soccer until the sun went down. Watching the boys and Brenda tough it out on the field, holding nothing back. "Defending" with Derrick, he did most the work, but it was still fun.
  • Devotions led by Auntie Stacy. She talked about Noah and walking with God. Noah didn't really know what God was asking him to do. He was told to build some huge contraption surrounded by people who ridiculed and mocked him, but he was faithful to God. Because of his faithfulness he walked alongside and talked with God. This intimate relationship allowed Noah to know God's heart and take the steps necessary to fulfill God's plan. How I desire such a relationship with Him where I know His heart so deeply that I follow Him where He is calling me to change. Growth is impossible without change and as Choir 35 sat in a circle, I realized how close change really is.
  • Hugs/I Love You's/Goodnights from the children
It was a beautiful sunday.

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