Monday, November 1, 2010

New York! New York!

Recently we were so blessed to spend a couple weeks in NY. We spent some time in the city, but also performed at West Point and in Canandaigu (our very own Auntie Amy's church!!!)
The backyard at my host family. Incredible? Yes.
Recreation of the pumpkin scones from Starbucks. Amy and I personally think we did a better job =0)
Sunday afternoon spent at the HF.
We got to bake!!! This hardly ever happens on tour. We made an apple pie, it was my first attempt ever. It didn't turn out too bad.

The end result.
Enter N.Y.C.
We prayed that there would be a Starbucks close to the theatre and you know where it was!??!! Right across the block. We are blessed :)
Taking a break from the green room, we took the kids on a walk through Central Park. Someday I will come back here.
Crossing the busy street.
The venue for the night, it was beautiful inside.
Oh Rogers. . .
Ritah applying her chapstick :)
Reagan just hanging around, passing the time.
Sporting their new costumes! They love them!

Well goodnight world. I am in Georgia right now and it has been a long couple of days driving to get here and I am plumb tired. I will post soon about my experiences in the south. :)


  1. Where in Georgia are you? And I have decided we need to experience NYC together sometime. Like, soon. And stay somewhere we can bake more scones!!

    Love you!!

  2. Hey I thought those outfits looked different from the ones we saw the kids in...they were so cute! Hopefully these ones fit better now that the kids are bigger...that girls little tummy was so cute sticking out! lol!